8May2017 Interior Design

  • This ward has 70 square meters which has four windows and one door.
  • This ward would only be used for broken children.
  • This ward would be hold about 6 children in one ward.
  • Children’s parents would have enough place to stay and take care of them children. So there would have some escort beds or sofa.
  • Children’s age would between 6 to 12 years old.
  • This ward would have a toilet and a bathroom.
  • Children would sleep in children’s bed.
  • There would be a call bell at each bedside, and when the child feels uncomfortable, he can call the nurse.
  • There would be a separate lamp next to the bed. So that the child’s parents can read books or something for them.
  • There would be a curtain between each bed. Children will be hospitalized without disturbing each other.
  • Each child would have his own cabinet for them stuff.
  • Each child has an independent dirty clothes basket. Parents can put them dirty clothes in the basket. They would go back and wash them until they were free.
  • If parents choose to wash clothes for them children in the bathroom of the ward. Then there should have a stretched clothes rack which is in the vicinity of the bathroom.
  • The style of the ward should help children to keep calm.
  • There should also be mixed some cartoon elements in the ward style.
  • There should be a separate boom next to each bed which be used to hang the infusion bottles.

These information is my design brief. But half a month ago, I can not think of these things. I learned this time to put myself in that particular atmosphere, and then imagine what I need.


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