19May2017 Interior Design

I have learnt how to put different furniture into the same horizontal line in sketchup.

In the first step ,we are supposed to design draw , which I think is the most important step ,without which we can’t produce good matters . And then,the second step,we are expected to modeling ,of course , which is the most difficult step as I am concerned. If you want to succeed , you should have a basic language ,and practise over and over again. In the process ,it’s not so smooth ,and demands our great patience and perseverance,one is easy to give up without which. It’s not finished yet,and the final step is to set 3D furniture in the model. Which needs our great imagination .

Although our internship has been over , I would never forget those days.The life of a person must store patience in a long period of time ,from the loneliness exercise perseverance ,to succeed ,patience and perseverance are indispensable .There is no such a thing as a small number of steps. No brook ,no river. The path of life cannot be a smooth and smooth one,which are always full of twists and turns.The swamp needs unyielding patience and strong will.Even though this patience is long ,the success rate muse be higher. Patience can lead to success ,and impatience often leads to failure. The wisdom of man is the first ,the struggle of life ,het unintelligent factor ,while equally indispensable.Life is like a thousand steps,it may be easy to unintelligent factor ,yet equally indispensable .Life is like a the first ,the struggle of life ,the unintellingent factor,but equally indispensable .Life is like a thousand steps ,it may be easy to take a step ,ti may be easy to take a step,and I think it is .Don’t have the patience and perseverance ,is not very easy ,but from success to success of the new is not easy. What is needed is patience and perseverance .People say that success is only a moment ,but not a moment of succes. It takes a lot of perserance.


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