25May2017 Interior Design

The overall feeling of a week’s work is full of busy every day. Although it repeats the same work every day, but it is also important to understand patience, care and restraint in such repetitive tasks.I always remind myself every day to do something step by step, make fewer mistakes, and be professional. In nearly a week of work, every day brings new problems and new thinkings.

Integral aesthetic feeling in interior design is the goal that stylist pursues. During learning the process of interior design, I have the following realization to the design of integral aesthetic feeling in interior design.We all know that the goal of interior design is not a local, part environment, but a holistic, comprehensive environment. Human indoor living environment is a pure and complete space design and is a kind of structure of the whole space. It means that the interior designer’s pursuit is the realization of the integral aesthetic feeling.


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