16May2017 Contextual Study

Witchcraft is the fourth of the sacred of Hinduism, which dates from Iron Age India, with purposes such as harming an enemy of winning a sweetheart. In parts of the Philippines, Kulam is a popular witchcraft belief. The Mangkukulam is the Filipino version of a witch or sorcerer, who recites spells and mixes potions, sometimes using the equivalent of a doll. Superstitious folks still attribute certain illnesses or diseases to kulam, especially in areas where the people are treated by a herbal doctors. People believe it can heal the disease and punish the bad guys. So it is not only the culture which be proud by the local people, but also the spiritual pillars of people’s lives.

Today, these witchcrafts still exist in different parts of Asia. Although Belief in the supernatural is still strong in certain parts of India, and lynchings for witchcraft are reported in the press about 200 times each year.

Most countries have regarded witchcraft as an ancient culture. One of the most peculiar is Japan. Japan still exists in this career. In Japan, the Onmyouji is responsible for the transmission of witchcraft career. The yin and yang division had been divulged by observing astrology since ancient times, which is very similar to that of ancient Chinese witchcraft. But Japan as a country which has a hundred ghosts and other myths and legends. Its witchcraft can also surrender monsters to protect people.

Unlike ancient times, more and more people choose to understand witchcraft in a more scientific way. Such as Yunnan Province in China, witchcraft as an ancient cultural has been shown to ordinary people. I have been there about ten years ago. Many villages in Yunnan Province are located in the village so there are plenty of snakes and spiders. The wizards told everyone to build a tall building in order to accept the protection of God by living closer to the sky. The buildings are protected by high pillars and protected from insects and beasts. And also to avoid the people to ill by the water on the ground. It can be seen, the purpose of witchcraft is only one, that is to let the human survival, whether ancient witchcraft or modern witchcraft.


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