1Jun2017 Interior Design


For the final major project, we need to have two themes for our work and finally chose my favorite one. I chose “ancient witchcraft culture” cause I think for the space and form design which I have lots of ideas with. Also I learnt how to use different designs in previous project and I knew that how to design the ceiling by researching the concept.

My theme is ancient witchcraft culture. The issue what I found is that movies are cartoons stress the justice is always right and evil is always bad. So what I hoped to achieve for this project is let people realise that there will never have any absolutely correct or error. In another words, Nothing is right and nothing is wrong. The Sanxingdui Museum and the author of the 《Tomb notes》inspired me. I will try to solve the problem by researching the difference between white and black witchcraft. And the fusion of two different things which are opposing with each other.

Finally, it was a challenge to me, I didn’t make a children hospital interior by myself, so I want to try it. First, I made some pieces of mind-maps and mood board to let me have a clear mind. After that I researched two interior artists, a restaurant called Alice In Wonderful Cafe, two Chinese hospitals and some disable people.

During the trip week, I went to the Gaudi Museum in Barcelona. I found lots of designs about porcelain. Different countries have different styles so I want to focus the interesting furnitures in my work.

After that I went back to my hometown China and enjoyed the Easter Holiday. I faced many social phenomenon in two different hospitals. I realised that no matter which country or what culture is, people’s nature has no difference. Because all of my parents and my uncle, aunt are doctors, I touched some truth that people didn’t face to face. In another word, humans are avoiding to face this truth. No matter how developed science and technology, people are helpless before they die.

After that I started my final design, it inspiration come from germs properties. So it seems to choose germ as my theme is appropriate. At the same time, the elements of germ: ductility, no fixed shape and some germ will have a radioactive shape will also be the great ideas for my design.

Actually when I finish the design, I have learnt how to use sketch-up to make 3D models and make  elevations or take photos in the modern.

In future, I would like to do it again to make it more complete if I have more time. Maybe it will be a new children hospital interior fashion in the future.


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