28Mar2017 Contextual Study

I am going to write an essay which will present the cause for witchcraft and how to develop and use in different Asian countries (about 4 representative countries) whatever in the past or now.

As we all know, witchcraft exists in African culture cause the profound history and also exists in European culture cause the punishment of witches in the mid century. So I focus on what’s the purpose about witchcraft in Asia and how its going now.

However, the most important thing I would like to prove is that witchcraft has its own reasons to exist, so it is not true that most people think witchcraft is evil. Whether witchcraft or other things, it must not be completely evil or completely good. Although there are many wizards do a lot of bad things with witchcraft, such as insanity. But I still deeply believe that nothing is pure right and nothing is pure wrong.


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