Lecture Journal(UAL ISD BA Unit 2)

[ Inflection ]

Week1 (6 Oct 2017)

Today we were introduced about an architecture called David Adjaye.
I really interested in his design concept. He said at beginning he was interested in what architecture could do, rather than in how beautiful it was. This concept of him made me both agree and disagree. In my opinion, human beings spent millions of years to design architecture’s shape and beauty but he tried to turn us back to millions years ago. Although the using is important, the beauty is also important.
Then he understood the creative of drive of architecture with Eduardo Souta De Moura’s help.
The other point I was focused on is that he has travelled many different countries to see many different design style architectures with his girlfriend. By the way, I like the Church of Light which is the experience of the new Japanese architecture designed by Tadao Ando. I believed that would give David Adjaye many creative ideas.
After he became a successful designer, most of his architectures are sculptural using of materials and with strong inside against outside. He likes to consume naturel context, shadow, liquid and international styles.
His design let me start to pay more attention on the shapes of the space and the shadow it will product. I visited Germany this Christmas holiday and I realised that Greman buildings used a lot of squares in the design. Although they seem quite satisfactory they work well with sunlight, that allowing the sun to radiate the largest area into the interiors.
I think the cube is a very common space. But precisely it is so common so it has limitless possibility. Just like David Adjaye, I tried a lot of ways that I could think of to change the cube while keeping it as it was.

Week 2 (13 Oct 2017)

Today we were introduced about Alvar & Aino Aalto.
Their products always have a lot design about details. They like using day light and making relationship to each other, such as they used stone out door to connect with nature to improve the quality of light, interior or something.
I believe their characters which is keeping trying make them become successful.
Then I know about Assemble which is a design & architecture collective based in London.
By the way, I prefer some design details in “Together” (Lina Bo Bardi) and “Triangle Chairs”. The shapes in Together looks like sea wave which out of control. And the shape of Triangle chairs which is really a triangle.
After this lecture, I started to thinking the unusual shapes chairs.
In people’s perception, the most of the seats are square and round. Among them, the triangular chair surface rarely. The strange shape is rare.
Alvar & Aino Aalto is one of the founders of modern architecture, an advocate of the theory of human construction, as well as a design master and artist. Alva Alto is one of the important founders of modern architecture and is also the representative of modern urban planning and industrial product design. As an advocate of humanistic architectural theory, Alva Alto’s architectural style is based on the relationship between the building and the surrounding natural environment, the dimensions of the human body, the materials used, the elaborate design details and how to go On the basis of these broad issues of ingeniously placed light sources,
His works advocate human nature and naturalism, a good blend of people – building – nature of the relationship between the three, in the architectural creation, he first consider the needs of users, followed by his personal thoughts. As an architect, his purpose is to find a comfortable environment for people, whether civil or industrial buildings, do not give up this humanitarian thinking.

Week 3 (20 Oct 2017)

Today we were introduced about Atelier Bow-Wow.
I have to introduced myself that I addict in Japanese architectures and interiors. So I heart something about Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and Momoyo Kajima’s works before. Japanese rigorous, meticulous and the love to nature were showed by them.
Such as Ikushima Library. They cut in circle to let light in the library.
The design is not complicated but detailed. Just like them characters—make everything into the most.
They use nature light and natural light by changing the space of ceilings or other places. And in Nora House, they let me to start thinking why the sections are so important.
Then we were introduced about Álvaro Siza.
His Boa Nova Tea House inflected me really much. Like it’s tell me “Wow Tea house could be designed like this” Because the different angles of the garden and the relationship between small door and big space. The whole house besides the sea but connect with rocks cause it’s also on the mountain. The special part is that it has a little dark interior. The ceiling is really low so visitors should sit down to view the interior.
Another design is Leça Swimming Pools Avenida da Liberdade which has pretty landscape.
Although the entrance is very hidden there are many interesting and useful details in. As said, his design let people go back into the landscape and the real world.

Week 4 (27 Oct 2017)

Well, today Angela Ford made a presentation about model house for us.
She listed many different models which made by different famous designers. Such as Lindsay Elgin, Gerry Judan and Alexa Meyerman.
So many details in their models. Just looks like real interiors.
The “Wasted Years” by Peter Chrisostomou, the “Street of Crocodiles” by Quay Brothers and the “Living Room” by Lori Nix showed me a kind of new world.
Angela showed many pictures to us and let us guess it is a real space or not. Every time I thought it must a real space then saw the contraction between the model and a real stuff (like an egg or a pair of glasses).

Week 5 (3 Nov 2017)

Today, we talked about Dame Zaha Hadid.
She took the visual deconstructed influence of Malevich and used it as the starting point for a London hotel design.
The most impressive design is the architectural landmark which stand above the congestion and intensity of Hong Kong. It’s said it centred on the creation of a “man made polished granite mountain” which symbolize the high life.
In my opinion, she is really good at using the aspect of a flat. Like many different cards stick together and turn 3D into 2D. She likes to use tough, strong and simple lines to design buildings and interior. Her architecture always gives the audience a very strong visual impact. Although the project is really dazzling people struggling, but she over-esteem for self-style and always constantly repeating her own way. Sometimes people even feel disrespectful about the region, location and culture because her design is too modern to connect with other buildings.
It is conceivable that if everyone is behaving in accordance with the routines of the older generation. Then it will be a happy situation. Government will spend less, designers will sleep earlier, and construction workers will work less. But precisely because of the existence of such a man, we can only see some miracles that do not seem to belong to this age, but also because of this industry growth.
As Zaha’ve said, “If you want an easy life, Do not be an architect.”
 Such a landmark man, the design industry her comments are also praise and criticism. Anyway, everyone who shoots her building with a camera should have affirmed what she had done, whether or not knows the name “Zaha Hadid”.

Week 6 (10 Nov 2017)

Today, we talked about Charles and Rae Eames who made significant historical contributions to the development of modern architecture and furniture.
They are not only interior designers but also product designers.
But actually I did not get too much ideas from them works.

[No lecture on 17 Nov 2017.]

Week 8 (24 Nov 2017)

Well, we talked about Luis Barragán. His work has influenced contemporary architects through visual and conceptual aspects.
In an essay on the subject, Timothy Brittain-Catlin mentions the “innate puritanism among clients of architecture,” architects and their “embarrassment of confronting color,” and how “Modernism tried to ‘educate out’ bright colors.” So, while the debate on color in architecture is far from being a new one, it is not finished, and probably never will be.
But Luis Barragán is one of the 7 architects who weren’t afraid to use color. Among them, the color of his building is the purest.
“While Barragán’s work makes use of whole planes splashed with bright, contrasting colors, it is never uncomfortable to look at, even in the Mexican summer sun. Expanses of creamy pink and bright orange at right angles to each other, a sunny yellow corridor, rust-red running into earthy grey, a solid chunk of scarlet against fresh blue, a lilac wall behind a dusty green cactus – these are a few of the many sights to behold in Barragán’s projects through which he sought to capture his obsession with “serenity, silence, intimacy and amazement,” the region’s culture, and the surrounding landscape.” — (https://www.archdaily.com)

[ Summary ]

Well, during these lectures I known many designers not only interior designers but also architectures, product designers. For myself, I like to use simple shapes to create new complex peculiar shapes.
I have learnt the idea of using shadows from David Adjaye. I have learnt how to make simple design with same cope and even can stacke on top of each other by Alvar & Aino Aalto. I also learnt how to change the light and space just by changing shapes by Atelier Bow-Wow and Álvaro Siza. And so on.
Through these courses, I identified my design direction in this short-term. I found my favorite style, but also focus on developing this style. I tried to pay attention to the structure of the buildings and the application of the figure of those buildings in my life.



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