E-portfolio 2⃣️(UAL ISD BA Unit 2)

[ Film research 2 ]


As a story that begins with “Harmony with Nature,” the Valley of the Winds clearly runs counter to mainstream environmentalism, especially the original environmentalist claims that nature is sacred and demands minimal human impact on nature. But Hayao Miyazaki did not deny the environmental protection itself. He just wanted to be more rational view of the relationship between man and nature. Nature is not sacred, life is. But without freedom, life is meaningless. How mankind treats itself how it treats itself. “transforming nature” is the same as “transforming mankind”, like human beings lose their divinity.

In this animated film, the most obvious conflict should be the competition for living resources between man and nature. It is confronted with the constant pressing by nature. Mankind has to keep fleeing and has to resist. It is eventually engulfed by nature. What is more ironic is that mankind’s constant self-righteous nature makes it impossible for us to survive. In reality, however, we are constantly purifying the land where mankind destroys pollution.

In reality, people often decide on the theory of succession. Even in industrialized society, the extensive economic activities taken by mankind have greatly changed the original state of the natural environment. As a result, all countries are gradually handling environmental problems and even throwing themselves into the environment for the cost of extracting natural resources, pollute the natural environment. Of course, some people put forward the slogan of nature protection. But think about it, how long human activities have been in the 4 billion years of earth’s time, how many lives have naturally been born and how many lives have died out. It should be said that the actions taken by mankind and be called “the protection of human living environment” action.

Only by letting mankind put aside his arrogance and rudeness, understanding nature and understanding nature in a humble and awe attitude. Then developing with nature can be the most appropriate way of living and arrogantly making the so-called “transformation” of nature and eventually so that humans could stop eating their own evil.

The theme of his life is the question of the relationship between man and nature and the ultimate fate of mankind associated with it. Both the ghost princess and the Valley of the Wind gave the same conclusion: The conflict has become irreconcilable and the road can not be seen in front of us. However, we will still cling to the clutter.

Miyazaki and Oshii are both lefttist elements of the Japanese student movement who witnessed the failure of idealism in Japan. Former comrades-in-arms gave up their soul and plunged into the torrent of the U.S. dollar in the bubble economy era. Just give up the ideal can become the world’s second largest economy, as long as the drift can buy the United States. What a beautiful future! The ideal towns and tombs in the comics actually refer to this kind of thing. The road has been arranged. You just need to obey the desire. Then the bubble economy burst, we finished together.

The Valley of the Winds inherited the pessimism of traditional science fiction, but still joined the idealist faith.

Hayao Miyazaki is actually very cautious and conservative in his creation of the “Valley of the Winds” animation. After his release of the movie, he said:

“I did not intend to portray Nausicajah as Joan of Arc, and I always wanted to exclude religion, but at the last minute it still turned it into a religious painting. In fact, I am very hesitant.”

True, who the Nausicaä is, neither the Protoss Princess Aquitaine nor the princess of the Love Bug in Japanese legends, but the French national hero Joan of Arc.

For religion, Hayao Miyazaki did not hesitate to punish spicy criticism, pointing out that one of its nihility and ignorance. But more interesting is that Hayao Miyazaki did not blindly reject religion.

What does this work mean for Hayao Miyazaki? It is Hayao Miyazaki’s fight back to the creation of the first fight, brought a turning point for his career. At the same time, it is also Hayao Miyazaki in fame still insist on continued creation of the work.


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