E-portfolio 4⃣️(UAL ISD BA Unit 2)

[ Model Production process 1 ]









[ Film Production process ]

Let us move our sight to the second film set which is generated beyond the main one, it is like we dream about open a random door and we get into, transform to another space time, it is a way how we put every one’s idea in the film and make it more ,,,,,,,,,sense, throughing our imagination, or to say it is a kind of illusion.

We picked ‘protection’ and ‘escape’ as our key words for the design process. The inspiration comes from the part of the movie which shows Nausicaa want to prevent injury to the baby Ohmu, it is like a kind of protection. Also she try to help Ohum to escape, to defend human’s action towards the Ohmu.

I found there was a movie called CUBE, an abbreviation of cooperative unreal box escape, is a cooperative online multiplayer Science-Fiction horror survival game, in which up to six players are trying to escape a seemingly never ending complex of metal cubes, spiked with deadly booby traps. Six players present to viewers their survival desires, can be seen as a way of self-protection, want to find a way out for the space.

So we attend to generate the cube design further with our thinking. We made a cycle pathway, through series of spaces, in different shapes, and put them in different layers, each space has only way to out or in, link to others. Cycling route has no exit to outside, always repeat the foot print. We define this as another way of protection and escape.

We gave the smoke and tiny bead real life, to let them replace the roles of human players, and the way they passing through the space, is the way how we explore the constructure.

[ Model Production process 2 ]






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