E-portfolio 6⃣️(UAL ISD BA Unit 2)

[ Reflecting ]

Well, here is the feedback of the one to one tutorial.

IMG_3958 2.jpg

Actually, this project can’t be called “successful”. I have a lot of conflicts with the team members. Although many of the contradictions are due to the different personalities and cultural backgrounds of each of us, I do not like to talk or even evade are the crucial reasons.

During the speech, I was very much concerned with the instructor’s comments. Despite their unsatisfactory comments. Afterwards I was relieved by Cyril’s enlightenment. And also gained more inspiration. For example, consulting “why” is better to consult “how”.

In all fairness, this unit did not make me a great growth.  (Because this model and mentality are all my ideas a long time ago.)  I got the answer in repeated self-questioning. I did not absorb education from other artists. Or I did not read enough design books and information. I am a person who does not like reading books. Especially the boring professional books. So this must to be deal during next two terms. I do not want to be a famous designer, but I also do not want to be a failure.
The only thing that made me proud was that I researched a lot about the background of this movie. I learned about Japan in that era. Such as, how did people hold that kind of attitude to face of the failure of World War II. What happens when people loose them faith? What is the bubble economy and what causes it…

《Nausicaa of Village of wind》 is an animation I liked a lot from my childhood. Now I grow up  but found a lot of different things inside. For example, I liked Nausicaa when I was a child. At that time, I thought she was a brave and kind girl, I really wanted to be the same. But now it seems completely different. Nausicaa in order to protect the villagers determined to give up her own life, but this self-sacrifice is full of irony just like Joan of Arc. Meaningless and stupid. This is an animation, so  ohum forgave humans and saved her in the end. But what about the reality?

Closer to the home, my team adapted the most important part of the movie. However, because of the crudeness of the model and the disunity of all of us, we have not completed a perfect work (I think so). I’ve been thinking about how to submit the next one that I will be very satisfied with.


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