1Jun2017 Interior Design


For the final major project, we need to have two themes for our work and finally chose my favorite one. I chose “ancient witchcraft culture” cause I think for the space and form design which I have lots of ideas with. Also I learnt how to use different designs in previous project and I knew that how to design the ceiling by researching the concept.

My theme is ancient witchcraft culture. The issue what I found is that movies are cartoons stress the justice is always right and evil is always bad. So what I hoped to achieve for this project is let people realise that there will never have any absolutely correct or error. In another words, Nothing is right and nothing is wrong. The Sanxingdui Museum and the author of the 《Tomb notes》inspired me. I will try to solve the problem by researching the difference between white and black witchcraft. And the fusion of two different things which are opposing with each other.

Finally, it was a challenge to me, I didn’t make a children hospital interior by myself, so I want to try it. First, I made some pieces of mind-maps and mood board to let me have a clear mind. After that I researched two interior artists, a restaurant called Alice In Wonderful Cafe, two Chinese hospitals and some disable people.

During the trip week, I went to the Gaudi Museum in Barcelona. I found lots of designs about porcelain. Different countries have different styles so I want to focus the interesting furnitures in my work.

After that I went back to my hometown China and enjoyed the Easter Holiday. I faced many social phenomenon in two different hospitals. I realised that no matter which country or what culture is, people’s nature has no difference. Because all of my parents and my uncle, aunt are doctors, I touched some truth that people didn’t face to face. In another word, humans are avoiding to face this truth. No matter how developed science and technology, people are helpless before they die.

After that I started my final design, it inspiration come from germs properties. So it seems to choose germ as my theme is appropriate. At the same time, the elements of germ: ductility, no fixed shape and some germ will have a radioactive shape will also be the great ideas for my design.

Actually when I finish the design, I have learnt how to use sketch-up to make 3D models and make  elevations or take photos in the modern.

In future, I would like to do it again to make it more complete if I have more time. Maybe it will be a new children hospital interior fashion in the future.


26May2017 Interior Design

Today I finished my model finally.

This experience makes me realize the importance of colour in depth. It is no exaggeration to say that I spent about a week in the non-stop to change the color of the room. Because my perception of color is very poor, so I can only stop by trying to achieve a slightly better results.

I learned I should create a primary concept of color in my mind before I coloured the interior. Because if you are changing the color side of the design model, then there will always be between the various parts of the strange connection.

19May2017 Interior Design

I have learnt how to put different furniture into the same horizontal line in sketchup.

In the first step ,we are supposed to design draw , which I think is the most important step ,without which we can’t produce good matters . And then,the second step,we are expected to modeling ,of course , which is the most difficult step as I am concerned. If you want to succeed , you should have a basic language ,and practise over and over again. In the process ,it’s not so smooth ,and demands our great patience and perseverance,one is easy to give up without which. It’s not finished yet,and the final step is to set 3D furniture in the model. Which needs our great imagination .

Although our internship has been over , I would never forget those days.The life of a person must store patience in a long period of time ,from the loneliness exercise perseverance ,to succeed ,patience and perseverance are indispensable .There is no such a thing as a small number of steps. No brook ,no river. The path of life cannot be a smooth and smooth one,which are always full of twists and turns.The swamp needs unyielding patience and strong will.Even though this patience is long ,the success rate muse be higher. Patience can lead to success ,and impatience often leads to failure. The wisdom of man is the first ,the struggle of life ,het unintelligent factor ,while equally indispensable.Life is like a thousand steps,it may be easy to unintelligent factor ,yet equally indispensable .Life is like a the first ,the struggle of life ,the unintellingent factor,but equally indispensable .Life is like a thousand steps ,it may be easy to take a step ,ti may be easy to take a step,and I think it is .Don’t have the patience and perseverance ,is not very easy ,but from success to success of the new is not easy. What is needed is patience and perseverance .People say that success is only a moment ,but not a moment of succes. It takes a lot of perserance.

18May2017 Interior Design

“Excellent works of designers started in learning and action to have progress .”This sentence alerts me all the time . A proficient designer is always good at the accepts of software operation and unique design . I know there is a great distance for me , so I will start from every little thing . I will accumulate experience and hope that I return these experience to society early .During the period of learning , I learned to draw and sketchup software modeling . Besides, I also knew about that we need to keep patience and perseverance when we do something . Next , I will share some learning experience with everybody . I hope everyone learn from each other and make progress together .

Before most people used 3dsMax to conduct their interior design , but it has many disadvantages . Firstly , it has a low efficiency .Especially in the aspect of the design , 3dsMax is difficult to meet the design requirements of clients—-“what you see is what you get ’’. The traditional hand drawing isn’t good enough , but 3dsMax’s speed and efficiency problem are throughout headache . Whether in which modeling way , 3dsMax is at a disadvantage .

But Sketchup can solve all the problems above . Sketchup’s advantages lie in efficiency . It has a very simple logical modeling . It realizes the two-dimensional graph into three-dimensional graph . First of all , it uses the few basic polygon , and its editing commands are also far less than 3dsMax . The most important thing is that it has the most simple logic in the historical rivers . These two commands “split” and “pull” undoubtedly make it has more advantages . These advantages of its make our interior design work become more simple and efficient . At the same time, it also takes new challenges to my work .

8May2017 Interior Design

  • This ward has 70 square meters which has four windows and one door.
  • This ward would only be used for broken children.
  • This ward would be hold about 6 children in one ward.
  • Children’s parents would have enough place to stay and take care of them children. So there would have some escort beds or sofa.
  • Children’s age would between 6 to 12 years old.
  • This ward would have a toilet and a bathroom.
  • Children would sleep in children’s bed.
  • There would be a call bell at each bedside, and when the child feels uncomfortable, he can call the nurse.
  • There would be a separate lamp next to the bed. So that the child’s parents can read books or something for them.
  • There would be a curtain between each bed. Children will be hospitalized without disturbing each other.
  • Each child would have his own cabinet for them stuff.
  • Each child has an independent dirty clothes basket. Parents can put them dirty clothes in the basket. They would go back and wash them until they were free.
  • If parents choose to wash clothes for them children in the bathroom of the ward. Then there should have a stretched clothes rack which is in the vicinity of the bathroom.
  • The style of the ward should help children to keep calm.
  • There should also be mixed some cartoon elements in the ward style.
  • There should be a separate boom next to each bed which be used to hang the infusion bottles.

These information is my design brief. But half a month ago, I can not think of these things. I learned this time to put myself in that particular atmosphere, and then imagine what I need.

5May2017 Interior Design


The first is the indoor light. Children’s hospital lobby lighting is generally color, but the ward is best to reduce the use of colored lights. One of the most important reasons is that it will affect the doctor’s judgment of the patient’s wounds. So my research told me that the indoor can be placed a small amount of warm yellow light, but the main headlamps or to place a white light.

Then I interviewed the different mothers. They told me that when they chose furniture or wallpaper for their children, they would first choose blue or yellow furniture. The main reason is that these two cool colours will let the active child calm down, and quietly rest in the house quietly. Second, the blue has a certain degree of help the child out of imagination to help. Such as the ocean and the sky. A small number of parents will choose pink for girls to decorate the room, but still a few.

In the two elements of the research process, I not only visited a lot of hospitals, but also interviewed a lot of mothers. For me it was a never-before experience. I learned to ask the elders around me. Because there are some theorem is handed down thousands of years down. Sure it has its truth. I also learnt about how to understand the wisdom of older people and apply it.

And on the furniture and texture parts, I chose to search for information and pictures online. Since I decided that zen as style, so long must be fully understood it. I realized that in Japanese, Zen refers to meditation. In interior design, it reflects balance, harmony and relaxation. Although Zen interior design is not a proper design style and does not come with strict rules, it is often associated with Minimalism, simplicity and purity of lines. It is more a way of arranging a home and creating an atmosphere that offsets the stress and hassle of daily routine.

Finally on space and form. In order to save space, I chose to design bed for wall for parents. And then for the children to get plenty and enough of space to rest.